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Julie La brute

Vietnam – September 2016

“Ha Long Bay is a few hours out from Hanoi. However, a boat trip from Ha Long Bay is a great thing to do and the cave exploration will thrill kids. 

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Denis Leserge

Vietnam – March  2016


«A tourist destination. Vietnam shelters luxurious landscapes.  »

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Alexandre Toulouse

Vietnam – November 2015


«Very well organized. It was a beautiful and fabulous journey. »

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Amelia Jasline

Vietnam – April 2015

« It’s a beautiful country as you saw and the culture, food and atmosphere are amazing. »

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Alex Daren

Vietnam – February 2015

«Vietnamese food is often light and simple but very tasty. .»

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René Corinne

Vietnam – June 2016

«The culture, the food, the history and the scenery are certainly amazing. .

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Alain and Ambre

Vietnam – January 2016


«Superb journey, well organized and well-balanced with varied activities.  »

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Suzanne Casenova

Vietnam – June 2015


«A journey rich in activities and meetings during which young and elder share unforgettable moments.    »

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Andy Henderson

Vietnam  – March 2015


«You will experience a pleasant feeling to receive genuine respect from the people.»

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Emilie Fernand

Vietnam – January 2015


«Everything was perfectly organized with a very competent and very nice guide.»

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